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PT. Petro Energy Indonesia
PT. Petro Energy Indonesia
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Name:Mr. Seno Nurtjahjo [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Seno Nurtjahjo at Sorong
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Address:Pelabuhan Perikanan Sorong
Sorong 98416, Papua Barat
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Registration Date:Apr. 18, 2007
Last Updated:Mar. 08, 2009
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Transportation category

Company Brief

We are a Marine Fuel Transportation agent ( Pertamina) for Sorong area, Papua.

As well, we provide bunkering service and integrated fuel logistic and supply solutions.

We are currently expanding into FMCG logistic as we find that there is a great need for modern logistic system for FMCG products in Papua. Papua is geographically challenging amid the lack of transportation infrastructure.

We are keen to form partnership with FMCG producers to serve this rapidly growing region.

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